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By signing up for our VIP Discount Plan, you will receive immediate discounts on all your dental visits, with savings up to 30% for a full year. All services done in office are available at the discounted rate, including cosmetic work. Annual membership for an individual is $150.00 and additional family members on your account can be added to the plan for $100.00 each.

Santa Rosa Dentist, Dr. Field , believes that being a dentist today requires a caring heart, up-to-date technology, on-going training to build knowledge and years of experience to bring it all together.

Everyone at Santa Rosa Dental agrees there is a strong sense of home resonating throughout the offices. When you arrive, you’ll immediately feel our compassionate “chair-side manner.” We put you at ease, as our family takes good care of yours. With over 50 years of combined clinical experience our Santa Rosa Dental Team has created long-lasting relationships with our patients so they can see just how pleasant it can be to visit the dentist.

The VIP Discount Dental Plan Benefits
• No Waiting Periods • No Deductible • No Annual Maximum • Discounted Dental Fees • No Claim Forms • No Pre-Authorization

How The VIP Discount Plan Works?

When you sign up for the VIP Discount Plan, you will receive a year of discounted services. This plan is offered for patients not covered by traditional insurance plans. In an effort to save time and money researching out of pocket or privately purchased insurance plans that often result in far less coverage than anticipated, we are offering this exclusive discount plan to our patients. All patients qualify for the VIP Discount Plan, no special clauses, no age limitations, and no frequency limits!

In an effort to encourage our patients to visit the office on a regular basis, this plan was designed to save you money with as little as two routine visits a year. The VIP Discount Plan is not a dental insurance plan, but provides discounted fees for services offered in our Santa Rosa Dental Office.

By signing up for our VIP Discount Plan, and referring a friend to Dr. Field for an initial exam, you are eligible for a sensational bleaching treatment, our in office whitening system, as a thank you!

If Your Have Questions, We Are Happy To Help. Call Our Santa Rosa Dental Practice Today 707-568-1436

This plan is non-refundable and cannot be transferred.

Your VIP Discount Plan Savings

Standard Fees

VIP Discounted Plan Fees

Initial Exam



Full X-Ray Set



Total Cost



Total Savings: $73.50 (30% Savings)

Standard Fees

VIP Discounted Plan Fees

Your Savings

Periodic Exam



30% Saved

Adult Cleaning



30% Saved

4 Bitewing X-Rays



30% Saved

1st Periapical X-Ray



30% Saved

Total Cost



30% Saved

Other Common Dental Procedures

Standard Fees

VIP Discounted Plan Fees

Your Savings

White Filling 
(1 surface Composite)




White Filling 
(1 surface Composite)




Perio scaling & Root Planing (4+/Quad)




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